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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Sitting with my boyfriend one Friday night a television channel was broadcasting a new series about the adult life style that I now know as swinging.Watching this programme I was slightly turned on at the thought of having sex with another couple as my boyfriend watched or joined in.

My boyfriend then asked me if I had ever thought about having sex with another woman, after a quick five minute of things running through my head I decided that it would defiantly take a woman to know what a woman likes and I was defiantly up for trying it out for real.

Later that same night we surfed the net and found a site called, we then started looking for the bi-female who was going to have fun with me as my boyfriend watched. Even the thought of that itself turned me on, and I knew it was doing the same for my boyfriend.

We found the perfect bi-fem who was going to excite us both ,phone numbers exchanged a meet was then set up for the following week, the thought and the chat we had about it through the week turned us on as well. Saturday had arrived and the excitement was building as the time was getting closer to meet our Bi-female.

Eight o'clock on the dot the female arrived as promised . Taking her coat off I noticed that she had dressed to impress, and we wern't disappointed. A few drinks later we felt so much more at ease as the female leaned in for a kiss, her tender lips touching mine sent a shiver down me. Little did I know how much I was going to like the feeling of being with another woman.

Slowly we began to explore each others bodies, as my boyfriend looked on. I knew he wanted to join in with us, but just the idea that he could only watch made me even wetter and wanting the female to explore even more of me. I found this such a turn-on , wishing that she would go down on me and tease me.

Kissing my erect nipples as she played with my clit I wanted her fingers deep inside me. Catching my boyfriend out the corner of my eyes I could see he was aroused and rubbing himself through his jeans which were now tight and bulging due to his hard cock mmmmmm .

The female slowly made her way down on me teasing me with her tongue making me want more .I signaled for my boyfriend to join us, I wanted both of them that night. He undone his jeans to release his hard cock, which I knew he was going to have fun fucking us both , not that he was complaining.

I wanted his hard cock in my mouth as the fem was tonguing my clit moving her fingers in and out my wet pussy . I so wanted him to fuck her from behind as she was licking me ,he moved and got her on all fours as I moaned with pleasure this was turning me on so much. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be spending a Saturday night like this and enjoying it so much.

I could feel the pressure of him pumping away at her tight pussy but the way she was tonguing me " oh my god " this felt so good. By this time I so wanted to use a toy on her tight pussy just to see the look on her face and to hear her groan with pleasure also.

Asking her to lie on her back so my boyfriend could kneel over her and stuff his hard cock in her mouth this lady done as she was told. I grabbed a toy, which I had purchased at  earlier in the week in anticipation of our meet, slowly putting it in her pussy till she wanted me to fuck her hard with it.She was begging me to fuck her and make her cum she wanted a fem to make her squirt all over the toy.

As she squirted over the toy and both me and the toy were soaked she asked my boyfriend to lick the toy clean . Knowing he was tasting her juices as she sucked his hard cock wanting him and making him cum , I could feel myself cuming at this point. I so wanted my boyfriend to use the toy on me .

Picking the toy up after it had been sucked clean by him , he slowly teased my clit with it as he played with my arse.Once the toy was in my wet pussy I knew I wanted him even more so that night.

Unknown to us our newly found be-female friend had slowly slipped away leaving us to explore each other and have even more fun in the bedroom.

But I would like to thank that bi-female and of course without who we could never of made our fantasy of a bi-female experience come true.I have to say without both the site mentioned and that bi-female I would never of been introduced to the swinging world we have never looked back since and have met many more naughty sexy adventurous couples and singles since then.

I'm now on the lookout for a very sexy well endowed male who thinks he can satisfy me now are you up for it boys mmmmmm